Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New adventures!

My newest adventure in design began July 1st...

I'm entered into the Lilla Rogers Studio "Global Talent Search"!  The winner gets representation by Lilla Rogers Studio for two years and a host of other great perks!  (Details here.)

Lilla Rogers is an artist and licensing agent.  This past winter, I purchased her book "I just like to make things".  The book was very inspiring and informative about the art licensing world and making art that sells.  It's what led me to start this blog!  The book title sums up my life, all 43 years of it.  I can't imagine a day when I'm not creating something.  I've worked in the design world before as a stylist for a wallpaper company.  I loved my job but left it almost 8 years ago to be a full time mom.  (My daughter is definitely my best collaborative work ever!)  I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to be at home with her.  However, I'm now ready and craving to do design work again.  This time I want to be out on my own (with an agent)!

While checking out Lilla's website, I stumbled upon this contest and I decided to enter.

I woke up July 1st to an email containing our first "assignment".  We are to create a journal cover for the company Paperchase and it is supposed to have a playground theme.  I'm so excited and scared to be working on this.  I can't wait to be finished and show you my design.  I'm at the point in the design process where I love my idea, I'm pretty sure that I know how I will execute it and I'm really nervous about messing up.

I'm going to wait to show you my design until after the submitting deadline has past. 

Lilla and her team will judge all of the entries (I'm curious to know how many) and they will pick the top 50.  If you make the top 50, they give out another assignment August 1st that will be judged by an impressive panel of judges from the design world (see here) and then...

This will sound pessimistic but... I'm not expecting to win.  I'm not in it to win it.  I'm doing this for the experience.  It's challenging, it's fun and it's forcing me to put myself out there (wherever there is).  I would be so thrilled just to make the top 50, ecstatic to make the top 6 and you would need to resuscitate me if I actually won!  I'm grounded to reality though, there are some incredibly talented people entered into this with me.  (Seriously, I'm not sure why some of them don't have an agent already!)  If this first assignment turns out to be the last with Lilla, I'm OK with that.  The process has been really fun and I have another design for my portfolio!

Wish me luck!

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