Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make Art That Sells- Week 3 - Children's Picture Books

This week has been a bit different.
It started off with the fear of illustrating a picture book.  No confidence, right from the start.  I don't consider myself an illustrator.  I am however in awe of illustrators and LOVE picture books.  I have a small fortune invested in books for my daughter.  Seriously, I could open a small library.
Monday: Our "mini" is to draw birds.  I almost put a bird into the week 1 assignment but he was cut...  I think that it's going to be a long week.
Tuesday: I'm full of self doubt.  I'm not sure if what I've done the last two weeks is even marketable.  Would someone buy my work?
Wednesday:  Our assignment is to create either the cover art OR an interior 2 page spread illustrating the Russian folklore "The Language of the Birds".  I'm not feeling hopeful but I'm not giving up either.
Thursday:  I'm liking my sketch.
Friday:  I'm kind of liking my painting!  I'm having fun!  We didn't need to take the story literally but I choose to because it is full of so much imagery.
Saturday:  Now that it's almost finished, guess what?... I'm not happy with it.
Sunday:  I finish my design and upload it to the group.  I'm blown away by the talent of the group taking this class and I'm finally coming to the conclusion that I really don't like my own style.  It's not what I would personally buy.  I always love my ideas and sketches but never the end result.  I'm not sure if this is a curable design disease that I have.  My idea for a cure is to take the 5 weeks after this class and rework all of my designs into a style that I could live with, possibly love.  Wouldn't that be great!  I have a lot to figure out.  Lilla wants us to find our own style.  Now that I have mine, I'm not sure what to do with it.  It's always nice when someone compliments me on my work.  A compliment makes me feel great for a minute but when I truly don't feel the same way, it doesn't mean as much.  It's strange to think that I would be happier if I was the only one that liked my work.  I am however, truly enjoying this class.  As painful as it has been for me personally, I'm still surprisingly looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

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