Monday, December 16, 2013

New things on Society6

I would like to send a big THANK YOU out to anyone that has purchased my designs on Society6!  When someone purchases a design from my Spoonflower shop I am notified right away and I can send that person a thank you note.  Society6 on the other hand does not tell me who has purchased my design and they don't even notify me when something sells.  I have to log into my account occasionally to see if anything has sold and it's always a nice surprise to see a sale!  THANK YOU!!

Here are some of the latest things that I've added to Society6.

My MATS Week 5 zipper pouch assignment made into some fabulous phone cases...

"Song bird" is also available as a framed print and as note cards too!  My playground journal cover is also now available and in place of the word "journal" I substituted "Enjoy the small things".  There are a few other new things listed in my shop so head on over to Society6 and check them out.


  1. Society6 is really a good option to get hand-made things! I want to know more about the Enjoy the small things including price. Is it possible to share a big picture of the item?

  2. Hi Lori! Thank you for your interest in my artwork. If you click on the image above it links directly to a Society6 page where this print is available to purchase and you will also be able to see a larger image. An 8x10 unframed is $20 and can be purchased through the Society6 website.

    Thank you again, Jill