Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MATS Part B Week 1 - Paper Goods

I've been really busy lately.  MATS Part B started last week!  I'm trying to keep up with the Spoonflower contests while doing the MATS work and it is also starting to be beautiful outside.  This is my favorite time of year to be out in my yard, digging in the dirt.  (I'll try to post some photos of my garden this year.)

MATS - week one went pretty smoothly and I have to credit the fact that I'm not on Facebook anymore.  Not logging in helped me cut out all of the self doubt that I usually have.  I wasn't stressed out that I got a really late start on the project.  I wasn't worried that it was too similar to someone else because... I had no idea what everyone else was doing.  I actually read the assignment incorrectly and thought that we need to create 2 cards and it wasn't until I went to upload my finished work that I realized that everyone was only posting one card.  I had to quickly redo my presentation!

I was DYING to see what everyone was working on!!!  Of course, after I uploaded my design I had to resist checking out the Flickr group to see the designs as they were being uploaded.  I have a serious willpower problem.  Thankfully, it was a nice weekend and I spent most of Sunday outside.  Everyone needed to have their finished work uploaded on Sunday by 5:00 pm so I put my daughter to bed Sunday night and then settled in on the couch, next to the fire... with my ipad.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the finished work!

We were designing a greeting card with a gingerbread house theme.  I'm pretty happy with mine.  I know that it could be better.  I spent some time studying the cards that I liked, trying to figure out what made each one successful (in my mind).   I'll probably redo my card a tiny bit.  I think I need to add a bit more texture and a few more details to make it pop more.  I was going for simple but I think it's a little too simple.

Lilla's course has been so valuable to me.  I continue to learn so much.  I just watched her review of the week and I completely agree with all of her comments.  I plan to implement them into my work.  Not only will I make some adjustments to my card but I think my logo needs an overhaul.  Aside from the fact that it's obnoxiously big in this presentation, I want to make it more hand drawn.

I do miss being part of the Facebook group. I'm going to miss seeing how people revise their designs.  During MATS A, I learned a lot from my group as well as from Lilla. 

This week we are designing for "Baby Apparel" and I'm having fun with it!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog, I found it is very inspiring and I was able to relate it to my own life. I am in my infancy with illustrator and the fact is I am so shy to show people about my designs as I see others doing. I aspire to gain that type of skill soon. Anyway I just want to drop a few lines to let you know I have been reading your blog in the past few days. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Dwiana! I'm so happy that you're inspired by my blog! I often wonder who my readers are. I'm not a writer so I often wonder if my words correctly convey the thoughts that are in my head. I started this blog to get my work out in the world but then I realized that if I talked about the design process, the failures and fears along with the successes, that maybe someone would be able to relate. I checked out your blog and your photography is beautiful! You have a great eye for composition! I also love the little illustrations that you add to your food photography. It really does take courage to put yourself out there but keep doing it!
    Kind Regards, Jill