Monday, April 21, 2014

MATS PartB Week 3 - Scrapbooking

I can't believe 3 weeks have gone by already!

Our assignment last week was to create a design for the scrapbooking market and our theme was "ink bottles".  One of the bottles that Lilla gave us for reference was really beautiful.  The bottle had an octopus and a butterfly on it.  At first, I was drawn to the octopus.  Octopus are so popular right now and they would make a great image within a coastal theme.  Then... I started to draw butterflies and moths and I couldn't stop.  I decided to save the octopus for another day and use the butterflies that I drew.  I seriously had so much fun making them, each butterfly/moth design would lead to the next.  We also needed to have at least one word in our design that would help convey a memory or feeling for which you would be using the scrapbook paper.  I took the love route.  I used the words love, hearts, flutter and remember.  Do you remember falling in love and having butterflies in your stomach?

My design is called "Hearts A Flutter" and I am definitely going to be doing more with my butterflies when I get the chance.

This week we are working on "Editorial".  I'm excited about it and a bit nervous.  Anytime an assignment gets more into the realm of "illustration" I get a bit anxious.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to finish this weeks MATS assignment and the next Spoonflower design that I'm working on.  I'm lacking some precious time this week.  I really hope that I can pull it off!  We shall see...

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