Friday, April 18, 2014

Yay Lily Stripe!!

Wow!! My Lily Stripe came in 25th out of 318!!!
I almost didn't enter it!  It is so different from the original idea that I had.  Originally, it was going to be full color, painted tiger lilies on a navy background.  I was having difficulty separating the colors and having them blend the way that I wanted so out of frustration I turned all of the lilies white.  I personally like the design but I never thought that other people would.   I'm very thankful for all of the nice comments and the votes and favorites that it received.  Who Knew??

I've already slipped in my quest to enter every weekly contest.  The theme this week is "Earth Day Cut and Sew Bag".  I know that I'm going to be crunched for time next week due to Easter and Spring break so I decided to spend my time working on the next theme "Floral Coloring Book Wallpaper" instead.  Check out the cut and sew bags and vote here.  There are some really cute designs!

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