Monday, May 26, 2014

MATS Bootcamp - May

This month we had an editorial assignment.  Lilla gave us an article on meditation and we needed to create an illustration for it to fit on one page of a magazine.

The article was titled "How to meditate: A Primer for People Who Don't Like to Meditate"  The author does not like to mediate because basically, it's really difficult to close your mind to all of the chaos that surrounds us.  She discusses the benefits of meditation and how powerful it can be and she challenges herself to meditate more often and encourages the reader to give it a try.

I thought that I would focus on the benefits of mediation rather than the fact that it's actually very difficult to do.  The first line of the article read "Take a deep breath and close your eyes".  I went with that.

I can tell you that this is the third time that I have painted a person since figure drawing class in college way back when...  All three times have been because of Lilla too!  I have always been so afraid of drawing people.  I could pick apart the things about this girl that are not quite right... but I will not.  I'm inspired to keep figure drawing!  This assignment also made me realize that I really need to pay more attention to editorial work.  I will definitely keep my eyes open more!  I'm usually focused on putting flowers into a repeat pattern so I'm a bit rusty when it comes to layout and composition, fonts and hand lettering.  I know that there is tremendous room for me to improve in those areas and even so... I'm pretty happy with how it came out!  I'm also happy that I was able to complete the assignment.  I seriously goofed off last week playing in the sunshine and enjoying the amazing weather that we have been having. 

I can't wait to see what everyone created.  The online gallery should be up on Tuesday.  There is sure to be some stunning work from everyone.  I'll come back and post a link.

I'm back!
Here is the link.  Bootcamp May 2014 Gallery
There are a few hundred really fantastic illustrations!  I'm always so impressed with the diversity of styles and the creativity is always so inspiring.  Please take some time and have a look through all of them!  Wow!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Picnic Utensils

I made this design for the Spoonflower "Utensils" contest.  I'm thinking that this design would make cute napkins, an apron, a tea towel or a nice liner for a picnic basket.  I'm planning on ordering a yard to make myself some new dinner napkins.  I think the "Picnic Utensils" look nice with my 'Mini Sprigs" design.  (I like my sprigs so much that I'm now offering them in a smaller scale too.)
Check out all of the entries from this week and vote for your favorites here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

16th in the weekly Spoonflower contest!

Woo hoo!!  I came in 16 out of 174 in the "Terrariums" weekly contest!  I missed the top ten by 12 votes!  I'm so happy that people liked my design.  Thank you to everyone who voted for it and also for leaving all of the nice comments about it.  It will be for sale sometime soon, I hope.

I'm not entered into this weeks contest which is "Crayon-Drawn Monsters".  Check out the entries and vote for your favorites here.  There are some seriously cute and funny designs.   I wanted to create something for it but I didn't get the chance.   This past week, I chose to be in my garden.  The weather has been so nice!  I used to go insane during the springtime when I worked a real 9-5 job away from home.  I would take "mental health days" so that I could spend time working in my yard.  Thankfully, I worked for a great company that understood that spring fever is a real malady that can be cured with some days off.

Now,  I'm currently working on a new MATS Bootcamp assignment.  (MATS Bootcamp has started again now that MATSB is finished.)  I recently mentioned that I wanted to draw figures more often so that I will improve at it and feel more comfortable drawing people.  Well, Lilla read my mind... again!  Our new assignment is an editorial piece that needs to include a face or an entire body if we wish.  I'm actually enjoying the assignment and I'm at the stage where I like my idea and I think it's turning out OK.  This class is slower paced so I have until Sunday the 25th to finish.  I'm hoping that it works out.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spoonflower and my last MATS assignment

I was able to keep up the pace and complete my last assignment for MATS and a new design for Spoonflower!   Yay!

My Sugar Cookie tea towel from last week came in 24th out of 127.  Not bad.  Each week you can purchase a fat quarter bundle of the top ten designs for a slightly discounted price, available for only one week.  I think this week is a great week to purchase because they would make great gifts.  The top ten tea towels are all very cute.  I would ask you to throw my design into your shopping cart too but it's going to be stuck in "not for sale" for a while.

This week the theme is "Terrariums".  I really enjoyed painting this one.  Check out the entries and vote here.

I'm calling my design... wait for it... "Terrariums".  Clever name right?

Last but definitely not least...

Here is my last assignment for MATS.
We were designing for the "Party Paper" market and we needed to create a design for a plate and napkin with a Bavarian folk art theme.

I wish that I could say that I'm in love with my design but I'm a little eh... about it.
I don't hate it as much as my cuckoo clock but I'm not feeling a lot of love either.  Funny thing, both were Bavarian themed AND my husband was actually in Germany last week while I was working on it!  I was wishing that I was over there eating pretzels, wursts and drinking beer with him, bike riding along what ever river it was that he went biking along and drinking at the beer gardens that he kept sending me photos of.

Beer.  My husband brews beer and is growing his own hops.  We also tend to drink a good bit of it so I decided to put a hop vine into my design.  I was also thinking that it would be fitting to raise a toast to finishing the class.

Yes, I know that my bird looks a little angry.  I plan to fix that.  I just need to turn that frown upside down.  I actually like the napkin.  I like it a lot.  I really like my pom pom fringe.  (You'll be seeing more fringe soon.)  I think the plate needs a little something.  There was some wheat on the plate but I took that element out at the last minute.  Maybe I should have left the wheat in there?

Who knows.

It was the best that I could do with that time that I had. 

I have really enjoyed the last 5 weeks.  I'll say again that I would definitely recommend taking both MATS A and B.  I feel like I have learned so much and I'm truly grateful to Lilla, Beth and their team for sharing so much information with us.  I'm a lucky girl.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Rosie makes a guest apperance!

I was so happy to hear that Sara Curtis was going to feature my Big Rosie design along with 11 other Spoonflower designs on her Radiant Home Studio blog!  Sara is a fellow Spoonflower designer and she is also a great seamstress.  Check out her blog, the 11 other beautiful designs and Sara's fabric designs and sewing patterns here.

Thanks Sara!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Again!

The results for "floral coloring book wallpaper" just came in and I had another great week!  My design was 43rd out of 310.  Yay!  All of the top ten are great.  I think it was one of the nicest themes lately with a lot of great entries.

The theme for this Week is "Moms Recipe Tea Towels".

I wanted a recipe that would be simple to illustrate and not too complicated to explain.  I decided to use my mom's sugar cookie recipe.  It's a really basic dough and the cookies are very good.  It was fun drawing all of the ingredients.

The designs are being shown as an 18" x 27" fat quarter of the linen-cotton canvas which is bigger than the basic cotton.  Check them out here.

There are some great recipes and cute designs.  Most of the designs (including mine) are created vertically but they are being shown horizontally so be prepared to have a crooked neck while viewing them.