Thursday, May 15, 2014

16th in the weekly Spoonflower contest!

Woo hoo!!  I came in 16 out of 174 in the "Terrariums" weekly contest!  I missed the top ten by 12 votes!  I'm so happy that people liked my design.  Thank you to everyone who voted for it and also for leaving all of the nice comments about it.  It will be for sale sometime soon, I hope.

I'm not entered into this weeks contest which is "Crayon-Drawn Monsters".  Check out the entries and vote for your favorites here.  There are some seriously cute and funny designs.   I wanted to create something for it but I didn't get the chance.   This past week, I chose to be in my garden.  The weather has been so nice!  I used to go insane during the springtime when I worked a real 9-5 job away from home.  I would take "mental health days" so that I could spend time working in my yard.  Thankfully, I worked for a great company that understood that spring fever is a real malady that can be cured with some days off.

Now,  I'm currently working on a new MATS Bootcamp assignment.  (MATS Bootcamp has started again now that MATSB is finished.)  I recently mentioned that I wanted to draw figures more often so that I will improve at it and feel more comfortable drawing people.  Well, Lilla read my mind... again!  Our new assignment is an editorial piece that needs to include a face or an entire body if we wish.  I'm actually enjoying the assignment and I'm at the stage where I like my idea and I think it's turning out OK.  This class is slower paced so I have until Sunday the 25th to finish.  I'm hoping that it works out.  Wish me luck.

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