Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Again!

The results for "floral coloring book wallpaper" just came in and I had another great week!  My design was 43rd out of 310.  Yay!  All of the top ten are great.  I think it was one of the nicest themes lately with a lot of great entries.

The theme for this Week is "Moms Recipe Tea Towels".

I wanted a recipe that would be simple to illustrate and not too complicated to explain.  I decided to use my mom's sugar cookie recipe.  It's a really basic dough and the cookies are very good.  It was fun drawing all of the ingredients.

The designs are being shown as an 18" x 27" fat quarter of the linen-cotton canvas which is bigger than the basic cotton.  Check them out here.

There are some great recipes and cute designs.  Most of the designs (including mine) are created vertically but they are being shown horizontally so be prepared to have a crooked neck while viewing them.

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