Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spoonflower and my last MATS assignment

I was able to keep up the pace and complete my last assignment for MATS and a new design for Spoonflower!   Yay!

My Sugar Cookie tea towel from last week came in 24th out of 127.  Not bad.  Each week you can purchase a fat quarter bundle of the top ten designs for a slightly discounted price, available for only one week.  I think this week is a great week to purchase because they would make great gifts.  The top ten tea towels are all very cute.  I would ask you to throw my design into your shopping cart too but it's going to be stuck in "not for sale" for a while.

This week the theme is "Terrariums".  I really enjoyed painting this one.  Check out the entries and vote here.

I'm calling my design... wait for it... "Terrariums".  Clever name right?

Last but definitely not least...

Here is my last assignment for MATS.
We were designing for the "Party Paper" market and we needed to create a design for a plate and napkin with a Bavarian folk art theme.

I wish that I could say that I'm in love with my design but I'm a little eh... about it.
I don't hate it as much as my cuckoo clock but I'm not feeling a lot of love either.  Funny thing, both were Bavarian themed AND my husband was actually in Germany last week while I was working on it!  I was wishing that I was over there eating pretzels, wursts and drinking beer with him, bike riding along what ever river it was that he went biking along and drinking at the beer gardens that he kept sending me photos of.

Beer.  My husband brews beer and is growing his own hops.  We also tend to drink a good bit of it so I decided to put a hop vine into my design.  I was also thinking that it would be fitting to raise a toast to finishing the class.

Yes, I know that my bird looks a little angry.  I plan to fix that.  I just need to turn that frown upside down.  I actually like the napkin.  I like it a lot.  I really like my pom pom fringe.  (You'll be seeing more fringe soon.)  I think the plate needs a little something.  There was some wheat on the plate but I took that element out at the last minute.  Maybe I should have left the wheat in there?

Who knows.

It was the best that I could do with that time that I had. 

I have really enjoyed the last 5 weeks.  I'll say again that I would definitely recommend taking both MATS A and B.  I feel like I have learned so much and I'm truly grateful to Lilla, Beth and their team for sharing so much information with us.  I'm a lucky girl.


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