Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Things

Here are a few new things that I've been working on.

I finished the coordinates to my Alien Incubators Collection!  I really love the "Domes" fabric.  This was the first design that I created for this collection, Alien Incubators was created next, then Happy Aliens, Constellations and then the Cosmic Stars.  They will all be for sale very soon.

I created this next design for Spoonflower's "Herb Garden" contest.  I really like the loose brush strokes and minimalist approach.  After spending a crazy amount of hours painting my Sewing Notions design, I wanted to see what I could come up with a little more quickly.

Here is Sage.  I'm looking forward to making a tote bag out of it.  I'm waiting to earn a few more Spoondollars (makes me laugh every time) so that I can have it printed on the new Eco Canvas fabric.

This next design was created for the "Tennis" contest that is coming up.  I was inspired by a little quilt square that I saw on Spoonflower's blog, July 17th titled "Modern Quilt Blocks".  There is one little square that I think looks like a crop on a tennis ball.

 So I created this...

40 Love.  I should have called it Love 40 because I'm expecting to finish this Spoonflower match with love, the big goose egg, zero.  I'm just in it for the love of the game!  Ha ha... I couldn't resist that little analogy.

That's it for new designs.  I have not been very productive in the design department lately.  I'm sad to say that I'm a MATS Bootcamp dropout.  Sigh.  I was not able to complete the last two assignments. 

I have been sewing though!  I've caught a little sewing bug.  When I finish my new tote bag I'll upload some photos of the simple sewing projects that I've been working on.

My vegetable garden has been OK but not great this year.  That's a post for another day too!

I'm having a fantastic summer!  I hope that you are too.

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