Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fuzzy Fox

I'm so late to this party, I know.  Foxes have been everywhere for years now.  My daughter absolutely LOVES them.   We just celebrated a very foxy Christmas with fox wrapping paper, fox and woodland animal ornaments and quite a few gifts for my daughter with foxes on them.  I thought that since I'm still purchasing products with fox motifs on them, I may as well create a fox design too.

The assignment for the February MATS Bootcamp seemed like the perfect project.  Lilla wanted us to paint a round shaped scenic on a piece of wood.  Wood = Woodland animals and birch in my mind.

Here is my finished work...

It's always so fun to see how everyone interpreted the assignment.
You can view the February gallery here.
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I want to give my daughter a pillow with just the fox and I really liked the birch texture by itself too, so I've uploaded a few variations to my Society6 shop...


I was nervous about a lack of time this month because we were going away on winter break.  It turned out that I was able to finish early!  It was so nice to go away having everything completed.

We went to Lake Placid, NY to keep with the woodland theme!  If you like snow sports, don't mind freezing temperatures and wind chills way below 0, Lake Placid in February is heaven.  I absolutely LOVE it there!  Seriously, we added another night to our stay because we were having so much fun.  We experienced an incredibly fun 48 seconds on a bobsled, lots of ice skating on the lake and at the 400m Olympic rink, skiing and tobogganing.  I highly recommend visiting.

Hope you're staying warm this winter!