Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Butterflies or Moths?

Spoonflower has an upcoming contest themed "Butterfly Coordinates".  They want 4 coordinating designs that will be sold as 4 fat quarters on one yard of fabric.  The 4 designs are supposed to be inspired by butterflies.

I created these winged insects with ink bottles over a year ago during my MATSB class.  I've always really liked them.

I took the insects from the design, recolored them, put them into repeat and uploaded them to Spoonflower.   I originally titled my design "Moths" because most of my reference came from photos of moths.  However... some of the winged insects are creations from my head and not found in nature so I thought that maybe they could pass as butterflies.  Why not?  I just looked up how to tell the difference between a moth and butterfly and I found that it has to do with the antennae.  Feathery (moth) versus thin and club shaped at the end (butterfly) with some exceptions.  Being that there are exceptions, I feel that I have the green light to call these winged things whatever I want.  I decided to change the title from "Moths" to "Butterfly Summer".  It sounds nicer too.  I think the only people that would mind are lepidopterists (word of the day).

It's a cheery little group of designs.

This is the way that they will be sold as 4 fat quarters on a yard.


I hope to be back soon!  I can't believe it's August!  I have so many ideas that I want to work on and not enough time.  I've been sketching them out so that I'll be ready to go when I get the chance.
I hope that you're enjoying your summer!

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